Assalammu'alaikum Warrahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuhu

Rasulullah Muhammad SAW bersabda :
“Demi Dzat yang jiwaku berada di TanganNya, tidaklah kalian masuk Surga sehingga kalian beriman dan tidaklah kalian beriman sehingga saling mencintai. Maukah kalian aku tunjukkan sesuatu jika kalian lakukan akan saling mencintai? Sebarkanlah salam di antara kalian.”

Hijabers Community Yogyakarta originally was a transformation of Hijabi Yk, a Moslemah Community in Yogyakarta which was founded on February 13th ,2011.
You can see the founders here!

On May 29th, 2011, Hijabi Yk officially merged and stood as an official branch of Hijabers Community in Yogyakarta which was later known as Hijabers Community Yogyakarta.
Initiated by about 20 Muslimah who had the same vision and interest, to establish a Muslimah community as a Forum of Muslimah Silaturahim, to accommodate Muslimah Aspirations and to hold Islamic and social activities.

You can see prime committee here!

On December 11th, 2011, Hijabers Community Yogyakarta held Grand Launching which was attended by committee of Hijabers Community.


“Proud to be Muslimah” 

As a Muslimah forum 
As a means to Muhasabah, Silaturahim  and Silaturahmi, also Fastabiqul Khairat

“Syiar and Muslimah Silaturahim” 


Inspires and motivates Muslim sisters, in Yogyakarta  and elsewhere arround the world, to look islamic with hijab.
Establishing Silaturahmi among Muslimah sisters , in Yogyakarta  and everywhere
Together explore and understand Islam and practice the teachings of Islam in everyday life
Organizing activities that is Islamic and Social

We also arrange the Schedule of Routine Event Activities on Sunday morning halted at 09:00 to 12:00 (before midday / Dzuhur), usually called as Sunday Fun.

Types of Sunday Fun:

Sunday Fun I
"Tadarus and Understanding of Quran"

Sunday Fun II
"Events Kemuslimahan/ Keputrian"
Sharing knowledge and various tips about the world of women as well as other knowledge (popular knowledge, science, etc ), in order to improve the quality of Muslimah resources

Sunday Fun III
By inviting Ustadz or Ustadzah, in order to increase knowledge of religion and an increase in faith of Islam

Sunday Fun IV
"Social Activity"
Distributes Infaq funds that have been collected from the previous gatherings to the social foundations, orphanages and others who need help

Wassalammu'alaikum Warrahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuhu